Pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum recovery can feel overwhelming and can be a complex and emotional experience. Molly is certified in both pre and postnatal Pilates and has guided and supported many woman though the emotional journey of becoming mothers.

Pilates is perfectly suited to preparing women for labor, and aid in an easy recovery postpartum. Exercise during pregnancy has been shown to reduce discomfort, ease the challenges of labor, and shorten post-partum recovery time. Postnatal Pilates is designed to help you regain strength in your pelvic floor and deep postural muscles and aid you in regaining your pre-pregnancy strength and energy.   

Molly incorporates the latest science with a therapeutic, holistic approach to each prenatal and postpartum Pilates session, and will guide you through pregnancy specific exercises to help you stay toned, stretched and centered during your pregnancy and beyond. Doctor's approval required.