About Pilates:

Pilates is a total body conditioning method, developed in the early 20th century by Joseph H. Pilates.  This exercise system focuses on the 'core', while integrating each movement with one's breath, thus creating greater connection between the mind and body.  Pilates targets the smaller, intrinsic muscles, encouraging greater functionality and uniformity in the body.  The movements aim to decompress and lengthen the spine while toning the muscles in the body, leading to a leaner, longer physique. Movements are low impact and focus on form and alignment, making it a safe and effective method for all ages and body types.  

Molly's method of teaching is rooted in the tradition of Joseph Pilates, but incorporates a contemporary knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics, with specific emphasis on constructing a personalized session for each, individual client. Her keen perception and sensitivity allows for a comprehensive evaluation of each client, while her empathic and personal approach allows one to become more knowledgeable and in-tune with their body and mind.  Each session will be individually tailored to the client's own goals and somatic needs on that particular day.  

Molly uses the anatomical concept of 'neutral spine' in her work, knowing that proper alignment allows the rest of the body to move with more ease and fluidity through every day activities and can help reduce stress.  Neutral spine Pilates is based on the latest understanding and research in biomechanics and facscia awareness and will reduce suffering of chronic pain, and help reshape and restore the body to its most optimal and pain-free state. 

Molly may incorporate different manual therapy techniques, such as connective tissue massage, soft tissue mobilization, and foam rolling to enhance the efficacy of each session. Among the many health benefits of bodywork, are an enhanced immune system, a decrease in resting heart rate, and an increase in blood flow and serotonin levels. Light bodywork can also promote a deeper level of relaxation and healing, help reduce stress and help improve, circulation and muscle mobility. 

Molly Jaffe’s method is beyond anything else out there. Her attention to detail and specific tailoring of each session for my body has led to amazing results. I started seeing Molly to address an old back injury. After just a few sessions, I noticed that I was, for the first time, pain free and activating muscles I hadn’t previously been able to access. Noticeable changes in my body and overall wellbeing quickly followed. Every detail of my experience working with Molly is positive, from the quality of each session, to the beauty of the space she teaches out of.
–Mary R.-Client
The demands of my job, was taking a toll on my overall health; and I started suffering from chronic neck and low back pain, which prevented me from doing the things I loved, such as playing golf and spending time with my kids. Within just a few sessions, Molly had found the root cause of my pain and muscular dysfunction. She was able to diagnose the problem and gently and effectively help me restore my body and overall health.
- Henry M.-Client